David Duston

David Duston, founder of MoneyWorks DFW, has been helping others learn how money works for years. A strong advocate and leader in the teaching of financial literacy, the safe money and income strategies he shares help people save millions of dollars when using accounts that can reduce, defer, or even eliminate taxes during market gains and, more importantly, when markets collapse.

A native of Mississippi, David graduated from Mississippi University for Women (and smart men too!) with B.S. in Biology. With an understanding of how living things function easily applied to the principles of business and finance, David has now enjoyed years of experience in successfully helping, not only individuals and families, but business owners and entrepreneurs by educating others on personal stewardship, consulting, retail, digital marketing, business automation, and professional networking. David’s keen insight and analysis provide a foundation for identifying opportunities and strategically designing and implementing client solutions with integrity.

Besides continually learning and sharing his time and insight with others, David’s favorite moments are spent with his family and friends making a positive difference in the lives of others while continually enjoying such hobbies as playing the saxophone and piano while evolving as a true Texas barbecue connoisseur.

Those who know him will tell you, “When you’ve met David, you’ve met a friend for life”.

Based in Frisco, TX, David currently serves the great state of Texas. Officially a “Texan-by-choice” since 2007, he looks forward to helping you achieve your financial goals and building a relationship you can count on for the future.

(844) 912-7233

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