Randy Hux

Randy has been helping people wisely secure their retirement and protect their assets for over 10 years. He has attempted just about every type of investment opportunity for his clients and has determined that the best way to keep his clients from losing money in downturns is to invest in products that provide complete safety from market risks
In addition to asset preservation, Randy also has the ability to help individuals with their estate planning needs. He is part of an elite group of financial, insurance, and tax experts throughout the country, that help individuals and businesses reduce their taxes, provide their future generations with legacies, and secure their investments and retirement, without participating in market fluctuations. That’s why it’s called, Safe Money Solutions.
Randy as a degree in Finance from Texas A&M University and holds several investment licenses. He was also a CPA at Ernst & Young in Houston, Texas. He is married to his beautiful wife Tina, and they live in Lafayette, Louisiana. Randy has two children that he adores, one which serves in the U.S. Army. He also has two step (bonus) children that he cherishes as well. Randy is the Vice President of Public Affairs for 
https://www.warriorbonfireprogram.org, which is for combat veterans that have been wounded in combat operations and are suffering with PTSD. He enjoys traveling, learning, reading, staying fit, history, all sports (especially baseball), and follows the teachings of Jesus.
My desire has always been to help serve and guide others in what is best for them. I’ve worked hard to align myself with the brightest minds, the best companies and organizations, and with those that have the highest degree of character and integrity.  With my clients, the only thing that matters is what is best for them and their families.  To that end, I have created countless opportunities for them to reach their goals by utilizing my experience and the relationships I have forged over the years. Although there is no perfect investment, I am passionate about my ability to not lose your hard earned money even in the worst of markets. Let me show you how to do this. 

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