Leonard Quimby

Leonard Quimby is the founder and Chairman of the Board for Sonherd Holding Corp. and Sonherd Advanced Financial Strategies. Mr. Quimby is originally from New Hampshire and resides in Arizona. Mr. Quimby has worked for over 31 years in the financial services industry ranging from distribution to corporate. He started his career in 1989 in distribution and agency management, eventually being promoted to Director. His success and recognition allowed him to be promoted to an executive position responsible for the growth and development of over 70 locations and agency managers. From this he was brought to LCS Marketing as its President growing that company to the LCS Family of Companies which included a consulting company, marketing company, call center functions, a leadership academy and ultimately becoming its Chairman. He has started and sold over three successful business ventures.

He has designed and implemented complex financial instruments being used today in some of the nation’s largest financial institutions. He is a member and served as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Society of Certified Retirement Financial Advisors. Mr. Quimby is also a board member of OTM Marketing Solutions in Omaha NE, ReQu Life in Cheyenne WY, LCS of Arizona in Phoenix AZ and Krackerd DM in Flagstaff AZ. Previously he was a board member for The Harbor Center for Kids, PlanWell Associates in Las Vegas, Sandhill Retirement Solutions in Omaha, Elite Marketing Group in Houston and ABCA.

He has been a CASA, a volunteer position over-seeing kids in the foster care system and is a mentor for NACET, Northern Arizona Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology. Mr. Quimby also sits on the board of several non- profits that include TAFEB and Teachermarket.org.

Mr. Quimby first retired at the age of 39. He became an educator and Director of Athletics.  He has taught classes to adjudicated youth, served in academic administrative functions and has been generous with his time to assist local troubled teens in the fields of academics and athletics. He also is generous with his time by sharing his experience and knowledge of working with the world’s top 1% and bringing those strategies to everyday retirees. His experience in working with legislators, school boards, administrators, unions, America’s leading corporate executives, the affluent and teachers coupled with the experience of bringing all those stake holders together has been the signature of Mr. Quimby’s business career.

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